Unlike many of their sisters in Arab countries, many women in the Farsi–speaking world—that is, Iran and Afghanistan—can access secondary education. Still, their place in Persian society is far from equal to that of men. As a result, many educated Iranian and Afghan women are in need of an open forum for intelligent discussion of the issues they face.

Insiders, a new live chat show on SAT-7 PARS, offers support to women in an environment where women’s television programming currently is very limited. The show’s four presenters provide a Christian perspective as they help women work through their problems together.

In light of the show’s varied audience, the four female hosts also come from different backgrounds and varied life experiences that include motherhood, new marriages and the single life.

While other SAT-7 PARS talk shows focus on theology and doctrine, Insiders tackles the day-to-day issues that women talk about with their friends and on social media. Topics range from questions about parenting, such as, “What characteristics does your child look for in their future partner?” to deeper, more complex issues such as abortion and mental health problems.

Insiders’ producer and director Moe Pooladfar says, “We want to help create a culture where different opinion is heard and not pre-judged. Insiders is a platform where Farsi-speaking women can speak out, be heard, and be guided by our presenters into biblical truth.”

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