• Women in the Underground Churches of Iran

    Women in the Underground Churches of Iran

    Dear Friends, It’s very dangerous to be a Christian in Iran. In fact, according to Open Doors USA, Iran ranks Number 8 on that organization’s World Watch List of 50 of the most dangerous countries in which to live as a Christian. Many of the [...]

  • Speak Up

    Speak Up

    About a month ago, a group of Christians were traveling by bus to a monastery located in Egypt’s Minya province, about 135 miles south of Cairo. Suddenly, a group of masked attackers came roaring up in pick-up trucks and opened fire on the bus, killing [...]

  • Women and Wars

    Women and Wars

    Victims of war and the atrocities of war take many forms in the Middle East. We see news footage of bombed-out buildings and lines of refugees fleeing across the countryside but these images don’t begin to describe the horror. The human toll, particularly on women [...]

Me and My Self Image

In the Middle East, just as here in the United States, society’s emphasis on outward [...]

Equipping the Next Generation, Part 2

The future of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)—just like anywhere else in the [...]

Equipping the Next Generation

During my recent trip to Lebanon, I was blessed to have the opportunity to visit [...]

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