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Satellite television is far-reaching; it is used by virtually every household in the Middle East and North Africa. By broadcasting women’s programs on SAT-7, we are bypassing strict government censorship and side-stepping the challenges of illiteracy. SAT-7 WFMEH programming provides families positive and different programs that challenge the current public opinions. This results in changing society one family at a time to provide mothers, daughters, and providers with the knowledge that they are loved, cared-for, and wanted.
Through satellite television, available to all, we broadcast women’s programming on 3 channels in 3 languages, Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish. These live, prerecorded and acquired programs approach questions regarding the status of women that result in positive conversations. As we change the viewpoints of society throughout the region, we change how individuals address the issues women face, how women are treated, and the overall status of women. This results in changing society from the individual level up to the societal and political levels.
When you give to WFMEH, you are transforming lives. Each program that we sponsor addresses the needs of mothers, daughters, providers, widows, and so many other women in a positive way. These programs bring up difficult questions that also bring about a change in the thought-process of the individual that seeps into families across the Middle East, resulting in changed families as families treat their female family members in a Christ-like manner. You can be a part of this by not just giving to WFMEH; you can be an advocate for us too! By speaking on behalf of WFMEH, you are spreading our mission and helping to transform lives. Contact us to see how you can be an advocate in your community. (Link to contact us form)