A new season of Keep On Singing began in June 2016 as a development of the program We Will Sing on SAT-7 ARABIC. The new show strikes a good balance between talent and content from the old format, while opening the door for new voices to be part of the show. In addition, short fillers (songs) produced for the program are widely shared on social media, in order to emphasize the positive content and also to reach a greater audience.

On July 18, 2017, SAT-7 ARABIC aired a powerful episode of Keep On Singing called “Joy.” Guest singer Bahgat Adly introduced the subject of painful trials that we experience in life. Before going to the live calls, Bahgat explained, “The Lord purifies us when we go through the trials. He doesn’t get rid of the problems all the time. He uses pain to shape our souls and purify us.  The end of all our pain is when the physical body dies, but as long as we are on earth there will always be pain and trouble. However, in the midst of all this the Lord uses the trials for our own good.”

A caller named Ruth from Cairo has breast cancer and underwent mastectomy. Her application of Scripture to her circumstances and the state of genuine peace and joy she enjoys are worth sharing! Ruth said, “Indeed, the Lord is with us in all circumstances. The Lord said “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives.” He said it because He lived it. This is what I am experiencing. In the midst of the pain, the Lord provides unparalleled joy and peace. It is different to worldly peace and joy. I want to tell everyone who is going through difficult times, just lay it all on the Lord and you’ll experience unique joy and peace.”

Ruth’s sister Amal from Sohag—obviously moved by her sister’s faith—also called the show! Amal said, “We were shocked when we knew about her disease but when we came over and felt the peace in her heart we were consoled. Her peace lifted us up. She put us on the right path of faith. She was full of peace during the surgery and the check-ups. Everyone who visited her and saw her peace was encouraged by it. She said that she accepts all that comes from the Lord because she has her eyes set on Him and not on the disease. She is 32 years old and has two children. We are special to the Lord.”

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