SAT-7 often partners with other ministries and organizations to assure the most creative and effective methods are brought together to achieve our goal of growing the Church in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and ministering to believers there. This is the case with a testimony-sharing program called New Eve. SAT-7 has partnered with Square One World Media—a producer and distributer of Christ-centered media content in six languages—which “…exists to see people become Jesus followers” and asserts   that “…a relationship with Jesus is life changing.”

Filmed in Egypt, New Eve helps viewers find answers to important and controversial topics and to many questions they have pondered for years as women. The program features testimonies of faith and healing by women who have experienced trials in their lives or in the lives of loved ones. Emphasis is always on women’s true value in God’s eyes, as He empowers each of us to change day by day to become a “new Eve.”

Here are selected testimonies from women guests on New Eve:

  • Salwa’s son was among the soldiers who were killed during the attack on an Egyptian military checkpoint in Sinai. This terrible incident led her to closeness with God. As she learned to get closer to the Lord, she began to have more trust in Him, peace and hope in her life.
  • Malvel’s daughter was born with Down Syndrome. In the beginning, she blamed God, asking, “Why isn’t she like other children?” She had many questions in her mind, followed by anger, bitterness and resentment. Then she began to witness God’s hand in every part of her life. She discovered that He has a purpose for everything. God gave her an extra measure of strength and motivated her towards social work and improving the conditions of children with learning difficulties.
  • Eman lost her husband in the Alexandria church bombing in 2011. She was injured also and went through 40 surgeries. One of her daughters was injured, as well. During the worst days following her husband’s death, Eman felt that God had left her to suffer. But after a while she regained her faith and thought, “I know He feels my pain and I trust Him that He will walk beside me in my future steps and guide my daughters.”
  • Mervat is unable to conceive, and she was exposed to different kinds of harassments due to the stereotypes of her society. She devoted herself to serve the sick people, and she found great satisfaction in doing that. Mervat came to realize that having a baby isn’t the only thing that can bring happiness.
  • Weaam’s 24-year-old son died suddenly. This great loss turned her world upside down. However, she turned to the Lord knowing that He will be her only support. She is currently serving in church and motivating others.
  • Madelina was the only girl among many male siblings and was rejected by her parents. Their cruel treatment led her to believe that they weren’t her real parents at all. One day, she joined a gathering in nearby South Sudan where the speaker was preaching about love. Madelina had no idea what he was talking about when he mentioned John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” She says, “The preacher quickly explained that the Lord loves us even if we are rejected by others. He called us to come forward and to forgive those who hurt us. I asked the Lord to see and feel His love. I continued to pray this prayer for my family for years. Every year, I pray the same prayer to check if I am still hurting because of my parents’ treatment. Now, there’s no pain when I pray. When I called my mother, she didn’t recognize me and began to cry when I told her it was me. I visited her and told her that I loved her. She continued to cry and went to our neighbors testifying of my change. She herself changed. Now I am accepted by my family and they ask me to pray for them. I no longer feel rejected because I found peace and love in Jesus Christ. I love myself… I am a new person in Christ.”

It’s a fact: SAT-7’s broadcasting of testimonies like these continues to change lives in the region. And for us, reading these stories illustrates and intensifies our desire—as Women for Middle East HOPE—to learn more about and get involved with the precious women of the MENA! Send your gift TODAY to help keep these programs on the air!