I enjoy listening to many different styles of music and, while I have to say that rap music has never been very high on my list, there is one music video by Afghan female rapper Soosan Firooz that really grabbed my attention. This brave young woman is crying out for change in the treatment of women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), using a popular and effective medium to reach men and women around the region and around the world!

Soosan Firooz is a native of Afghanistan who fled the country with her family during the Afghan civil war in the 1990s and lived in an Iranian refugee camp for seven years and then as a refugee in Pakistan for another three years. During that time, she experienced hardship and hostility and difficulty attending school with any regularity.

After the fall of the Taliban, Soosan’s family returned to Afghanistan, where she worked with her siblings weaving rugs, before becoming an actress on local television. With her father’s permission, Soosan went into rap music and released her first single in 2012. It was called, “Our Neighbors,” and explored the plight of Afghan refugees in very blunt terms.

Since becoming famous by challenging the traditional role of women and other norms of MENA society, Soosan has become a very controversial figurethreatened with acid attacks, kidnapping, and death. Her mother, who does humanitarian work in southern Afghanistan, has also received death threats. Her father gave up his job with an electrical company to be her manager and bodyguard.

Please watch this video (link below) of Soosan’s powerful message! I am sure that you will be moved, as I was, by Soosan’s passion and bravery in giving a voice to women—desperate women—who may never have been listened to before!  It’s exciting to me that we, as Women for Middle East HOPE, share this vital mission with Soosan and that SAT-7 does, too!  And it’s encouraging to learn of yet another means to reach so many oppressed and isolated women of the MENA and also the fathers, husbands, and brothers who may be entrenched in or even oblivious to the antiquated and cruel practices that are so prevalent there.

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Here’s a link to Soosan’s video 

It may change your view of rap music!

“Listen to my voice. It is not just your choice… If women have defective brains, so do your wife, your sister, and your mother, too… You tell me that I am a woman and I must remain imprisoned… I am not just a woman. I am a human. …Well, if you are a man, try to be a woman in Afghanistan.”



P.S. Two important dates are coming up:


  •  March 3 – Women’s World Day of Prayer: Take a moment this day to give thanks for the technology of satellite TV that reaches so many women in the MENA with the Gospel of HOPE! Take this opportunity to pray for real change in the treatment of women in the MENA. Pray for Soosan and other courageous women like her who continue to raise awareness and to challenge societal norms.
  • March 8 – International Women’s Day: I will be speaking at an International Women’s day event in Lancaster, PA at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Jones Dining Hall. 10 am – 7 pm. Come hear me from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. in room 207.

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